Michael Weiss/Eric Alexander Quartet Birthday Tribute to Johnny Griffin & Joe Segal


April 27, 2019
8PM & 10pm

MICHAEL WEISS-In 1987 Weiss began touring the USA regularly as a member of Johnny Griffin’s quartet. Weiss’ fifteen year association with the “little giant,” which includes four recordings, has earned the pianist widespread critical recognition as a soloist, accompanist and arranger. In the Chicago Tribune, Howard Reich wrote that “whether playing ferociously fast right-hand lines or two-fisted blues chords, Weiss matched the tenor and tone of Griffin’s work.”

ERIC ALEXANDER-One of Alexander’s strengths, and perhaps the one that has caused him to be so consistently underrated when the talk turns to contemporary tenor masters, is that he makes everything seem so implausibly easy. The technique and fluency are such that there’s literally nothing Alexander can’t do on his horn.Eric continues to tour the world over to capacity audiences. Using NYC as his home base he can regularly be seen in the city’s most prestigious jazz clubs