GUITARIST ANDY BROWN With Jeremy Kahn-piano, Joe Policastro-bass & Phil Gratteau-drums


February 28, 2019
8PM & 10PM

Andy Brown is one of Chicago’s most sought after accompanists and has worked with top vocalists Kurt Elling, Paul Marinaro, Spider Saloff, Kimberly Gordon, and Brown’s wife Petra van Nuis, to name just a few. His guitar playing is always melodic, understated, and involving; drawing the audience in with multiple techniques and textures instead of the guitar pyrotechnics that other players like to show off with. Brown’s ability to seamlessly “walk the bass line” (reinforce rhythm by playing some of the bass notes) while carrying the melody, invariably gives his guitar a fuller, richer, more complete sound that suggests the presence of multiple instruments existing only in the mind’s eye. While skillful and sensitive in all his playing, Brown seems to show a higher level of personal involvement when playing Bossa Nova, and brings a special flair to that music. This was demonstrated that evening during outstanding solos on “How Insensitive” and “Useless Landscape.”| by Randy Freedman